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"Healthy citizens are the greatest assets any country can have."

Winston Churchill.

Keeping that in mind, ABBS has provided a fully equipped gym, with free weights and machines. Students are encouraged to workout and maintain their fitness levels, after all a sound body keeps a sound mind. Certified fitness instructors give students exercise programs, and are available to help them reach their goals.

Gym is open everyday from 7AM to 7PM
Yoga & Meditation

The Sanskrit word "Yoga" actually means union with your mind. Yoga and Meditation has proven time and again as a versatile tool in calming the mind and soul. A person's spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual quotient is thus enhanced. Qualified instructors round off the learning experience and provide a holistic approach in the daily conducted yoga and meditation classes.

Sports & Games

With the objective to promote and nurture overall development of students, the facilities provided at ABBS ensures that it caters to the wide range of students with different interests. Students can get equipment from the sports director during working hours.

Sports and Games at ABBS :
img Basketball
img Throw ball
img Cricket
img Volleyball
img Chess
img Carom
img Table tennis
img Badminton
img Football
img Billiards
img Fussball