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ABBS has taken the initiative of disseminating relevant scholarly intellectual contributions to industry through management development programs, workshops, undertaking consultancy and training in entrepreneurial ventures. ABBS solicits active collaborations with its industry partners by inviting their service in Board of Studies, curriculum development, mentoring students towards industry readiness and updating of knowledge through guest lectures by industry experts.


Faculty members of ABBS are highly qualifies academicians with proven professional expertise in various functional, leadership and business sectorial experiences. They work on proven models, conceptual frameworks, problem solving tools and techniques adopted by the global organizations to diagnose the critical factors relating to maximizing productivity, total quality, cost efficiency, market research, branding, talent management and customer delight.

With this in view, ACHARYA CENTRE FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES has been established to engage with the industry in facilitating them to maximize their performance and value creation processes through customer centric consultancy services.

The consultants and faculty members have adequate and relevant experience in undertaking consultancy services in the following business sectors; manufacturing, automobile, retail, IT, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and such related sectors. They work in functional areas like leadership, strategy & change management, and in cross functional functions such as marketing, finance, HR, systems, process improvements, Banking, Insurance and NBFC.

Faculty Participation Workshops/FDPs/MDPs/EDPs
Sl.No. Details 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 Total
1 Workshops Participated 28 09 18 16 08 79
2 FDP's /MDP/EDP 's Attended 13 10 07 07 16 53
3 Others 34 38 23 33 10 138
  Total Participation 75 57 48 56 34 270
S.No. Date Title of Event Venue Resource Person(s) - Internal Resource Person(s) -External Remarks
1. 21 Nov 2015 MDP on Effective Team Management ABBS Dr S Bhaskaran   Program conducted for Heads of Administration - HR, Marketing, Accounts, Admissions & Supplies
Excellent Feedback
2. 28th Nov 2015 MDP on Digital Marketing ABBS Prof. Parveen, Prof. Viswanathan Dr Som Singh, Mr. Anirbha Dutta(VOLVO), Dr. Balaji,Siemens Excellent Feedback
3. 16th Dec 2015 MDP on Export Compliance John Deere India Pvt Ltd, Pune Dr S Bhaskaran Prof. M H Sharieff Consultancy Program Exclusively Developed for John Deere India Pvt Ltd, Pune
Excellent Feedback
4. 13 Feb 2016 MDP on Customer Delight through Employee Engagement ABBS Dr S Bhaskaran Mr. Mahalingam Ex VP Symphony, Mr. Arvind Warrior Hr Head Nova Nordisk ,Mr. Sunder Rajan Senior VP, HR Infinite Computers Modern HR practices to make every employee a brand ambassador. Highly interactive
Excellent Feedback
5. 20 Feb 2016 FDP on Assurance of Learning ABBS Dr. Mahishi, Dr. Baskaran, Dr. Jayanthi   An FDP conducted for Principals of PU Colleges and Senior Teachers
6. 23 Feb 2016 FDP on Innovative Teaching Methodology   Dr. Bhaskaran   Faculty of Sri Aurabindo First Grade College for Women, Mhlpuram, Bangalore.Highly interactive
Excellent Feedback
7. 27 Feb 2016 MDP - Labour and Industrial Law Compliance ABBS Dr Baskaran, Prof. Viswanathan Dr N R Kumaraswamy Senior Advocate Consultant HRD, Mr Sunder Rajan Senior VP, HR Infinite Computers, Mr Madhav Practicing Advocate Business Consultant Highly interactive
Excellent Feedback
8. 12 Mar 2016 MDP - Guaranteed Return on Equity Investment ABBS Prof. Parvee Mr Sameer Gupta MD SSABLE Advisory, Mr Madhavan Kaushik Manager Bharati AXA Highly interactive
Excellent Feedback
9. 16 Apr 2016 MDP on Strategic Change Management for Decision Makers of TUV Rheinland TUV Rheinland Dr Baskaran   Decision Makers of TUV Rheinland
10. 25 - 30 April 2016 Augmentation Program with Industry Connect ABBS Ten internal faculty Six external Corporate Professionals Brilliant feedback
11. 10 Dec 2016 MDP on Goods and Service Tax ABBS Dr. Baskaran, Prof.Shivprasad CMA N.Ragavendranath Kaushik Superb inputs with quality discussions
Year Name of MDP/ Consultancy Program Revenue Generated (INR)
2012 Real Estate Management 39,822
Project Management 1,50,000
2013 Change Management - Consequences on stakeholder 48,000
2013-14 Career Development in Banking & finance sector 9,800
Listening & Reasoning Skills 4,300
2014-15 Innovation & Product Development 15,860
Communication Skills 8,000
Investment Planning for Young Investors 6,600
Stock Market 13,300
Personal Finance Management 8,340
Social Entrepreneurship -Opportunities & Prospects 3,400
2014-15 Labour Law Compliance 16,566
Strategic HRM 20,250
Export & Import Management 26,000
Google Analytics in Marketing & HR 14,000
Business Plan 6,000
Digital Marketing & Social Media 2,40,000
Mutual Fund Investment 13,600
Financial Planning & Money Management 11,000
Team Effectiveness 7,000
Women Entrepreneurship 3,000
Sustainability at ABBS

"The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves."

Wangari Maathai.

"Renowned Kenyan environmental political activist And Nobel laureate."

The ABBS fraternity believes in conserving and preserving the environment. We at ABBS have taken up many initiatives on empowering; imparting and inculcating sustainable practices that would make an impact on the lives of many.

Our initiatives range from:
  • 200KW Rooftop solar installed
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Over 400 trees planted on campus
  • Vermicomposting
  • Drip Irrigation

Using renewable energy sources is the next step towards conservation. Our current system takes cares of the internal needs of the campus, excess energy is sent to the grid. This is the first of its kind institutional rooftop solar project in Bangalore.

  • Grid Tie Solar PV system
  • 200KW capacity Polycrystalline PV system
  • 16.5% Efficiency modules
  • 3,00,000 Kg of CO2 emissions saved every year
Institute Social Responsibilities

ABBS believes social responsibility materializes itself when it's carried out as a mission in its culture and institutional practice. ABBS ISR involves development of internal stakeholders such as students, faculty and non-teaching members as well as the local community and society.

ABBS ethical practice in transference of knowledge involves various social and cooperative actions and initiatives, in the rational and sustainable use of resources and, ultimately, in its governance practice, transparency and accountability.

ABBS has active participation in transferring knowledge through Awareness drives, Rural Education Initiatives and Environmental care by Teaching, Training and Research.

Several Initiatives in various areas have played a role in building awareness & contributing back to society:
  • Literacy Campaigns
  • Think Green- Go Green Campaigns
  • Health camps
  • Digital India campaign- Cashless India Movement
  • Gandhi Study Centre
  • Installation of 'Fridge of Kindness'