Admission Policy
  1. The admission policy of ABBS is in compliance with the admission norms as set out by Bangalore University, AICTE and Govt. of Karnataka
  2. The admission process ensures fair and transparent methods while admitting students to various courses as offered by the institution
  3. The admission policy ensures equal opportunity to the deserving and the meritorious
  1. To comply with the Vision, Mission & Quality Policy of the Institute
  2. To maintain transparency in the selection and admission process
  3. To provide equal opportunity to the deserving and the needy
  4. To admit students as per the admission norms of Bangalore University Government of Karnataka and AICTE
  5. To extend career guidance to prospective students and thereby helping them choose the programs of their choice
  6. To give preference to meritorious students
  7. To extend special consideration/scholarships to candidates from the following categories in the selection and admission process:
    • SC/ST
    • Backward communities /minorities
    • Physically challenged
    • Defence personnel
    • Single girl child
    • Sports personnel
Category Criteria Concession
Siblings Alumni/Staff family members 20% off 1st semester tuition fees
ABBS Alumni Alumni recommendation letter 20% off 1st semester tuition fees
  • Students must abide by the given fee structures
  • Students must pay the fees within the stipulated dates, in order to avoid late payment fines
  • Fees will be collected at the beginning of every semester
  • Every student is liable to pay his/her fees for their respective semesters
  • If students are admitted after the date of commencement in any given academic year, he/she shall pay the fees of the foregoing months at the time of enrollment.
  • Every student (national and international) should strictly abide the fee structures accepted by them at the time of admission
  • All fees to be paid at the college fee counter and receipts to be collected for every payment made